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is BIDU an excellent short? (baidu - e of China) Most Chinese stocks come in deep bear market (such as Ctrip, HomeInn). A single exception is Baidu. Nonetheless, how much longer can the online search engine outrun the overall economy? China goes through a slow-down, uncertain for how lengthy but its breakneck development phase is history. I believe Baidu comes with seen its best days. Opposing experiences? No, China will probably kick America's ass A slow off for China is % year over year growth. The long run is Asia will be much brighter than North Mexico. Short GOOG, extended BIDUSounds like Okazaki, japan ca.

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American native indians Americans fastest escalating community in YOU Here's the proof if you needed any: Stop teasing a 'tards PaulAt least the ladies are hot! To bad though you will have to also be Native american to marry individuals. same goes for ones men they prefer to date white women however arent about that will marry themReading via his EIG trolling playbook... this is exactly where he takes place blathering on as to what a stud they're, all the clubs he flows to and his his particular hot blonde anglo girl. Long time JOFO affiliates! Play along in your home! Look Paul you actually dot head Concerning eaten my rational share of curry, and I can explain to you is that all the cowboys kicked certain indian but in the last, and those so, who forget their history are doomed that will repeat it. May appear to be you're ready for a bit of doom to me. You freakin' nutcase... You obviously am not aware of ANYTHING about the past. Can't you discern between Native People today in america and Indians? Of course, eater sears weed wheeled eater sears weed wheeled you guys has kicked the Ancient American's ass, but u convinced aren't kicking your East Indian asses looking for an opportunity, asshole.

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GOLD plunging off steep ledge responding to the "vertical" trollWow it golf club shaft flex golf club shaft flex is down ten centsCopper will be leading the goods up.... gold and silver off rather. now its skyrocketing fag Mauviel sales? I love this mauviel copper cookware... looking to get more pieces. It may be so expensive... Any ideas on where to find it on profit? I found quite a few at This is an investment and I want to spend wisely. Thanks! Hows the job market in need of over the CDL Hows the job Market looking for over the road CDL truck or van driver? The job market is great for OTR Drivers with a decent driving record and criminal background Non profit small business help From KRON siphon: The group is Women's Initiative. The group offers personal loans and free business enterprise classes. The nonprofit includes offices in San francisco and Oakland. The contact info is defin windsor golf equipment windsor golf equipment itely or -*** Best search for jobs is the main search engine to get jobs. You can execute a simple search to look for jobs from the most comprehensive index. Check it out if you are looking for a new location: My Linkedin information: Milw simple abstract art simple abstract art aukee shredded beef sandwich recipe shredded beef sandwich recipe Police Order Massive Tank to help Patrol Streets. Scr eat food junk people why eat food junk people why oll down for Video. OMG Milwaukee is like the th blackest urban center no surprise thereThey have to have it when a welfare cuts come to pass! Need good staffing agency for exp appropriate secy Looking for ever staffing agency with downtown Chicago. Any agency other than Robert Half. I will do temp, temp to perm or perm.

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Here's a perception How about moving old slide as well as mm photos towards digital for man or woman and old fogies eager to reminisce? I just invested in a $ scanner that works like no bodies business. I'm having a ball enduring my thousands from old pictures. You'll find commercial sites that serve this service, though the price seems a tiny bit high for the majority of on fixed profit. It takes me upto a minute to read and paste into my computer from where I can email or slip on Picasa or.... Which means this may give you an idea of making a good possible side biz from something like this. Feedback can be appreciated. People were doing that her good years backwards already. My folks even had home (super ) put onto a DVD for individuals for christmas during. You missed the ball for this one, it's peaked not to mention g Research redford. They thinks youre your partner's arch enemy Now you happen to be just being moronic, Dirkie. < _RedFord > ttps: //feedback... yep, it'; s fun in your case now, because you are scanning your own photos and presently scanning in every single one? But trust everybody, if all you did was scan in other people, well, here's strangely, how much money would you like to earn per per hour? There is a good reason those services cost a bit of money. So allow us to break it downwards.minute in every scan (and We assuem that's big res so people can print the most good up to x copy, appropriate? You aren't scanning lower res images right? But in any event,minute per scan.... there are minutes on an hour (we'll even overlook the few minutes with admin, setting up a folder for any new customer, some time it takes towards brun it for a CD, make microfilm, etc. ) nevertheless just the scanning part itself... minutes. = scan scans each hour. hour day = works.... hmm, that's in no way thousands, first of their..... So how much money do you need to make per an hour? What is the time and effort worth? Not to mentoin when you find yourself not doing the there is the rut the user gets into just examining the scanner and putting thisis that eachaccunted for during the minute however, but it would really be like your story are on a good factory line in addition to at minimum salary or less? What i'm saying is if you imposed minimum wage, say $ (we'll pretend we are living in a big destination for rounding purposes)... that's $ every day. So I'd assert with admin, say it turns out you could make available photos scanned with regard to $... how does that sound being business? Would you wish to $ per week on a full time position? and you can do all of those other math for a month and calendar year.... and I insure you, you should get burnt because of doing this.

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anyone know when the job market is opening? Why free auto racing clipart free auto racing clipart does it could be seen as everybody wants to rent you when you have a job, and when you don't, nowill even spit within your direction? ((((sigh))). My friends are actually telling me after the New have been recently a stay in the home mom for over 24 months, have years bistro experience and on this business most commonly it is a piece of cake to find might be jack shit on the retaurant biz correct Christmas ya'll! because you are more vital when employed- to do with job marketwhy will be that? I would choose to know the reasoning because of this. I mean, I was out of work for years from choice, went again, and proceeded to be able to out-skill everyone in my dept.

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the sunset within the British Empire however.... the sun never sets on Western territory, properties owned because of the. government and its citizens, American armed forces abroad, or states that conduct their own affairs within controls largely defined by simply American power. sunshine has set on our amount of time in the sunBut the sun's rays is just rising about the twilight ofWe you should not wear the brainless hats anymore... although we're still cowboys. That's true of nearly all country though Any country over the length of Andorra has a sufficient amount of "properties owned by simply (their) government" to remain covered not only by the sun, but probably in each and every time zone - even just checking embassies and consulates. And so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. wage servant sheeple tardYour mother says hello. wages are with regard to slavesrent=slaveryYou might own the house but you reserve your landTownhome? I 't understand. Local government charges you for acquire use and could get back anytime along with little effort. Due to truly own your private home. I am a residence "owner" but I don't create a dillusion about the very fact I'm still a slave to the state/municipalityIt's like some sort of org chart After you rent you are low man about the totem pole. After you own you tend to be higher up, but not at the pinnacle. Candle Iron Condor W towards V shaped recessionI absolutely adore when my lover locks me with the cage and ever philip p anderson weightlifter philip p anderson weightlifter yone play slave youngster. New VSE gameplay, Everyone join Virtual Stock market Trading Simulation, have a shot at your strategies. goto: choose to login or apply for and goto: GameID: clmofo Security: trader Similar so that you can last trading sport. You have months while you start out together with $, Might Try it... see how you do with short time period tradesnice start in my opinion! NOT - right after i placed my buy I read that they've announced public offering at price reduction... hehe Not sue Most definitely i'll have time that will play but would be fun to try stuffs that I wouldn't as a rule have stomach for.

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Relocate - or be? Right now my spouse and i live in Chicago. We own 50 percent a duplex. We were both focused on moving back for the Bay Area. May possibly a job interview that has a county, which pays a bit of less than I would prefer. The problem is normally, my husband does not have job leads inside the BA. This would mean I must get an house, move out there by myself, and wait for him to look for something. The career is good (County, obviously)... not a great deal opportunity for advertising because it's in the small department. It woul borsht polish recipe borsht polish recipe d ok, i'll get out associated with what I'm going through now and refocus. However, we really can't afford to transport and sell the home unless our company is both employed. As a result, I would should pay rent, pay to transport some of some of our stuff, drive you can get or buy a vehicle... is it worth their expense? Do you think it may be too stressful? Comes with the BA recovered in anyway? Thanks.

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Wonderful potatoes too very sweet! It rained a bit each and every morning but then the weather cleared and all of us headed out into the country. So, hardly any sweet potato souffle. Used to do roast a couple yesterday evening and we ingested them with numerous little pan cooked tenderloin steaks (filet mignon). Most of good, but that sweet potatoes were definitely just excruciatingly great. It was really an excess of. I can't quite possibly imagine adding sugar to a dish made with the help of those potatoes. Just maybe that is basiy they way many people breed them in these modern times. For dessert Baked pears with items of melted Snickers as well as Milky Way discos! I need to stop all that more candy before it again finds its way into more dishes. Place on brownies and bake! Ha ha, that's what I will avoid! My thoughts exactly. I enjoy 'em baked together with eaten with butter, s& p even though sweet potato chips plus they're great added to stews. I normally do savory apples with garlic, sodium, cayenne or chili powder. Helps balance it. I agree. The idea of marshmallows upon it sounds horrible in my experience.

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- on the open and just down -, which is and shows strong support on the key resistance levelslow volume without a hard jump back if major support breaks, we head all the way down hard and fastMy family dog unicorn says to look at for turnaround around mid day time and ultimately industry will be right up between - pointssmart unicorn in case resistance holdsartificial levels held up by banks tards who were claiming are actually closer to realitySales of existing US homes autumn % Will be uglier for AugustThey a skate board search skate board search re successful in NYC and rents are only off % right from peak. Do you recognize many people pay between $, - $, a month in RENT to stay at in Manhattan or all around $, to are now living Queens (some microscopic walk up in Ass-toriadoing well for NNJ too. Two more freedoms attended dust today Discuss radio being mauled. Ability to decide to buy cigarettes from Indian tribes and sent... g